The following is the list of tools all apprentices are required to have on-the-job. No exceptions.
1st year apprentices who have recently been accepted into the program may qualify for grants to cover the cost of books and tools. Information about applying for this grant is included in the welcome packet that all apprentices receive upon acceptance. You will also be notified of local suppliers that will have pre-assembled electrical apprentice tool sets ready for purchase at a discounted cost.
  • (1) pair of side cutting pliers (8" or 9")

  • (2) pairs of channel lock pliers or equal

  • (1) six foot folding rule or a tape measure

  • (1) pocket knife

  • (1) 4 inch flat screwdriver

  • (1) 4 inch Phillips screwdriver

  • (1) 6 inch, square shank, flat screwdriver

  • (1) small level

  • (1) sharpened pencil

  • (1) hacksaw frame

Although our apprentices are required to attend related instruction classes at our training center in person, much of our curriculum, including homework, is delivered online, then discussed and tested in class. Apprentices will need laptops or tablets (not smartphones) in order to participate. 

CLICK HERE for detailed system requirements to utilize our online Blended Learning courses.

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