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Instructor: Self paced online course
Cost: $90

Interested in becoming an electrical contractor? The IBEW Business Startup course is designed to provide union members with the information and resources they need to get started with launching their own electrical businesses. Consider that an increase in the number of electrical businesses means an increase in the pool of available union employees and better efficiency when filling labor requirements on larger contracts.

The course consists of nine lessons. The first lesson provides an overview on how to navigate the course, lists the lessons in the course, and describes the course components, for example, web resource links and review questions. Lessons 2 through 8 provide the information and resources required to start a business. The ninth lesson, the Course Exam, consists of 25 questions.

The topics covered in Lessons 2 through 8 include:

   - Meeting with SCORE
   - The Small Business Administration (SBA)
   - Meeting with an Attorney
   - Meeting with a Banker
   - Meeting with a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
   - Meeting with an Insurance Agent
   - Union Business

The lessons also include review questions and review exercises to help students recall and retain the information they have learned. The lessons also have URLs (web links) to key resources, for example, further explanations on topics being covered and useful business templates. Introduction videos help orient learners with the information that will be covered. The videos take the form of a conversation between Bob the electrician and various individuals, such as SCORE mentor, attorney, and insurance agent, who are helping him with his first steps in starting his own business.

This course is provided online only. If you would like to take it, call Training Director Heather Stefan to arrange payment and enrollment into the class.

Instructor: Randy Rogers
Required Prerequisite Course: Module 1 - Intro to Instrumentation*


This class begins online, through Module 1*, with an introduction to the basics of instrumentation, including definitions of commonly used instrumentation terms and symbols, and an overview of the physical parameters of industrial measurement and control: pressure, flow, level and temperature. 


The instructor-led portion of the class is 40 hours of continuing education, and covers more complex material such as; configuration and calibration, including proper documentation. Both bench calibration of analog instruments and communicating with and configuring digitial or "smart" instruments are covered in great detail. It finishes with fundamentals of automated process control, control valves and control valve maintenance, analytical instrumentation and instrumentation installation and tubing. This course provides the necessary curriculum to obtain the IBEW/UA Instrumention Certifications, Part A and Part B. This instructor-led class requires a minimum of 8 people to be held, and will be scheduled once 8 people have successfully completed Module 1.*


Class Schedule: TBD

Class Time: TBD

Location: Baton Rouge Area Electrical JATC

Cost: $49 (for prerequisite online course); $300 (for textbook, workbook, lab manual and online Fluke Academy)

Maximum Class Size: 12


*How to Qualify to Take the 40 Hour Instrumentation Class:


In order to qualify to take this class, you must first successfully complete an online course that is provided by the Electrical Training Alliance - "Module 1: Introduction to Instrumentation". The cost is $49 and will require the use of a laptop or desktop computer** to complete. In order to access this online course, you must first visit the BREJATC Training Center to pay $49 (cash or money order only) and receive the information needed to access and complete Module 1 online at your convenience. 


When a minimum of 8 IBEW members and/or apprentices have successfully completed Module 1, the BREJATC will schedule the instructor-led class and notify you at least four weeks in advance of the class schedule. 


Those who qualify will be expected to attend every class. This is a 40 hour class - 10 evening classes, four hours each. Be prepared to bring cash or a money order to the first night of class in the amount of $300 to pay for and receive all required class materials. Additional information will be provided to those who qualify to take it.


**Recommended Operating Systems and Browsers


Module 1: Intoduction to Instrumentation is accessed through our online learning system, Blended Learning, which requires the following:


Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10

Browsers:* Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Chrome

*Various components of the Blended Learning System might require use of one browser over another. This requirement is noted at the time it is needed.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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